Decision Criteria for Outside Asks

We want to use our collective capacity to work for justice. This also means knowing our limits and our capacity, so that that we can focus our energies in an effective manner. These points try to cover the concepts we use to decide about outside asks, like attending or publicizing an event or action, or joining a campaign or coalition, for example. These are not necessarily completely hard and fast rules, but they are criteria that goes into those decisions.


Did the request come from one of our Accountability Partners?Generally, our first priorities are to our existing Accountability Partners. We're building those relationships by being reliable and showing up, and that means those partnerships have a higher priority. On the flip side, we should also consider if the request is not from a Partner, will this connection harm our relationship with our existing partners.


Will this help with base building? Can we use this action or event or campaign to recruit new members, and to build our internal leadership skills?


Do we have the capacity right now?Do we have people and resources that we can commit to this ask, given anything else we're working on at the time, who is available, etc.

Is this a heavy lift for us?How easily can we turn people out? What is required for turn out to this action? Is this a time that we do want to spend our human capital getting our members to this event?


Is it north of Morgan Hill and south of Palo Alto? There are many issues all around our region, but in order to be effective, we want to focus our resources even more locally.


Campaign Relevance

Is it related to ongoing campaign issues? Given any campaigns we're actively working on, or planning to get involved with soon, does this ask fit with other work we're doing?

Is it a good opportunity for bonding? We work on a lot of tough issues. Is this ask or event a good chance for our members to get to know each other better, which will support our work down the road?

Member Relationships

Are we educated enough to show up well? Is this a topic we're comfortable speaking about, at least to some degree, and do we know what to watch out for?