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When Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detains someone, that person is often the primary earner for their family. The Rapid Response Network family support fund is designed to help families with basic necessities (food, rent, utilities, etc.) while they work to bring their loved one home from detention. Here is the story of one family we’re trying to help now.

In July, a man was detained by ICE in San José on his way to work. His partner called the Rapid Response Network hotline the morning he was taken and we have been supporting them ever since. He was the only one in the family earning an income so the family is now also facing huge financial difficulties. She shared she will be looking for work to support her family while simultaneously fighting to bring her partner home. She hopes to find work that will cover their expenses but that will also allow her to look after their three children (born in the US) when they are not in school. In addition to covering rent, food, utilities, gas, car insurance, and school uniforms, she will need to save money in hope that her partner will be granted bond to fight his case from home. He is currently being held in Tacoma, Washington.

Unfortunately, this story is not unique. ICE routinely violates the constitutional rights of immigrants in our community and keeps families from maintaining contact with their detained loved ones by taking them to detention facilities that are hours away and many times out of state.