The National SURJ Network

The national Showing Up for Racial Justice website is chock full of resources, including tool kits on police accountability and criminalization, how to build a chapter or affiliate, disability and access, and resources about class, faith, families, queer/trans/LGBTQ issues, poor and working class issues, etc.

National SURJ also has built a website just for political education around

Core Ideas

Here is a great glossary of terms related to work for racial equity:

Here's a visual description of white privilege, for folks who may not be familiar with the term.

We've used this checklist at meetings to assess our own levels of entitlement that we bring into integrated environments. 

We have found this analogy very useful in getting white folks to think about why we need to talk about racism.

This is an amazing audio series about the history of whiteness in North America, and it has a great reference list if you want to get started on your reading.

How to Take Action

One of our accountability partners, Silicon Valley De-Bug, has a great website with information and resources around local political organizing and their companion site chronicles the history of local campaigns and what you can do to help:

Here are four ways you can act back on your privilege.

If you are looking for ways to response to the events in Charlottesville, you might find this a helpful resource.

Read about why white people need to take action NOW.